Bones Recap: “The Past in the Present”–Home Sweet Home

“No wonder he went crazy. You can’t really turn people into equations.”

Christopher Pelant puts me through every emotion usually reserved for the NFL replacement refs. Over the course of the season seven finale, I yelled at the TV, cried, paced the floor, and hugged a pillow. I wish Booth could be that pillow. (more…)

Bones Recap: “The Suit on the Set”–Invasion of the Mother Suckers

“I don’t understand. If you have a useful talent, why are you an actor?”

So! We’ve got an actress playing a film actress playing Kathy Reichs, who’s based on a book character written by a TV character who’s based on the ACTUAL Kathy Reichs but named after the actual Reichs’s book character.

I think this episode collapsed under the weight of its own meta-ness. (more…)