“Chappy’s heart rate has slowed WAY down”–TV’s Best Extreme Weather Episodes

As a native Floridian who went to college in Boston, lived in Alaska for a year, and is now kickin’ it in New York, I absolutely live for the drama of a Floridian cold front. Calm down, Florida. It’s sunny in the mid-40s. Alaskans would eat their mittens for that kind of weather. Buy a scarf and a cup of hot coffee, watch these episodes, and tell me if you still think you’ve got it rough. (more…)

Audience Participation: What’s Your Favorite Extreme Weather Episode?

I’m a sucker for a good TV storm. Strand your characters somewhere, huddle them together, make them talk things out, I’m sold. TV storms are so much better than real-life storms.

So while those of us in the Northeast ride out Nemo (which is not an ok name if you’re not a cute little Clownfish), I thought I’d check in with you. What are your favorite extreme weather episodes? (more…)

Spotlight on Bones: Strength and Imperviousness

Sometimes Bones makes me go all Kristen-Bell-with-a-sloth on the world. “The Blackout in the Blizzard” is one of those times. Season six was hard. It was angsty and emotionally draining and sad. This episode is a light. It’s hope. It’s a hug and a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, because Booth and Brennan are Booth and Brennan again.