Booth and Brennan

206 Happy Bones Things: Part 4

Welcome back to Hug Week 2013! (Can we make that a thing? All TV fandoms could benefit.) If we’re building a little skeleton of happy Bones moments, I figure we’re probably up to the ribcage–and the ribcage protects the heart. How appropriate. (more…)

Listen Up: The Bones Mix Tape, Volume 6

Seeley Booth would never in a million years ‘fess up to liking a boy band. He’s that guy.

special booth

But he’s also this guy–

booth clay horse

–and so help me, I will eat that bandana off of his head if you can convince me that Booth never identified with a single lovestruck lyric from these turn-of-the-millennium heartthrobs.  They’re BOY BANDS. Their whole job is to want love, which Booth does, and to maybe make the ladies a little crazy, which Booth also does. You know that “I love you so much it hurts” face? This is how it sounds.

B&B’s mix tape is about to get a little dirty pop. (more…)

Listen Up: The Bones Mix Tape, Volume 5

Ever since “Ho Hey” found its way to the Jeffersonian, The Lumineers have been Bones to me. I can’t get enough of either one of them–which is great, because so many of The Lumineers’ songs would feel right at home on B&B’s mix tape. (more…)