Booth x Brennan

In Appreciation of Sweets: A Tribute to the Baby Duck

GORDON GORDON: He wants what we all want. He wants to find out his place in the world. BRENNAN: We can find a permanent place for him. Right?

I keep expecting to see Sweets in Booth’s doorway. He should still be sharing fries with Angela at the diner or carrying a box of files into the FBI conference room. Something’s off without him, and it’s sudden and unsettling and unreal in a way that real loss tends to be. (more…)

I Can Be a Duck: A Bones Wedding Reaction

I didn’t realize I’d been waiting nine seasons for a Bones wedding until I got one. Booth and Brennan have never stood on tradition, and I’ve never needed them to. They’re each other’s different outcome. I always thought they might get married—there were signs—but the only thing I knew for sure was that they’d find each other in the end, and that was enough. (more…)

Spotlight on Bones: Everything Happens Eventually

Remember when Brennan actually took a vacation? To be with Sully? On a boat? She made a really cute joke about her nickname, her hair was mussed perfectly in the sea breeze, and Booth found every excuse to pull her back into the case, but when Sully offered to let her sail the world with him, Booth was big enough to tell her to go.

And that’s when I started to fall for them.

A Bones Season Nine Wishlist

This time last week, I wasn’t ready for football. Last year’s replacement refs were a traumatizing experience, and I still have nightmares about Donald Driver’s sad sidelines face. But I woke up this weekend to the feel of almost-fall in the air, and just like that, it was time.

It’s been the same with Bones. I wasn’t thrilled by the season eight finale twist, and I was especially not thrilled by the fact that I wasn’t thrilled by it. This show has been heart-crushing before, but always in a way that makes sense for the characters, so to see something that felt so manufactured really upset me. I will defend this show to the death, you guys. I don’t want to give anyone ammunition against it, nor do I want to sound like one of those people who sit around yelling at the writers for doing their job. I want to be a TV writer. Probably best not to yell at them. (more…)