A Look at Psych’s Top 15 Episodes

Psych signed off earlier this year with a sweet, quiet finale that was quickly buried in the collective uproar over How I Met Your Mother. I was baking sumbitch cookies for a HIMYM party when I could have been catching up on Psych’s last season, and I have to live with that, but I’d be remiss if I never said goodbye to my first TV rebound.


A Salute to Enlisted

I was having dinner with Sage of Head Over Feels on Wednesday when her phone buzzed with the news that Enlisted had been canceled. We had just been saying ten minutes earlier that we really believed the show could find an audience if the network would give it a chance.

Enlisted deserved better than what it got, bumped to Fridays with a constantly changing lead-in and little promotion beyond a few posters in my subway station. And it deserved to air in order. The story was told on note cards that were shuffled up before airing; the fact that I loved every episode anyway, even when I was expected to know characters before we’d been properly introduced, says the show was doing its job better than most. Enlisted wore its heart on its sleeve without getting sappy. The Hill brothers were key in that area, not only because their relationship was the show’s core, but also because they grounded each other. If any one of them risked veering too far toward sentiment or irreverence, there was always someone to pull him back. (more…)

Mindy Watch: I Get to Decide

Let’s all take a moment to give thanks for The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri, Mindy Kaling, Mindy Kaling’s work on The Office, and basically anything with this woman’s name on it. Mindy adds something wonderful to the Hollywood showrunner conversation because she refuses to be defined by one aspect of her identity. Her character is the same. Dr. Mindy Lahiri practices medicine and loves romantic comedies. She wears bright dresses (“And this outfit, well, even I had a couple misgivings when I put it on this morning, but it’s COLORFUL”) and is moderately useless around the house (“You know my plan in an emergency is just to count to ten and wait for death’s embrace”). She chases down a one-night stand because she thinks he left his scarf at her place as a kind of secret Cinderella code, and she gives a college-age woman birth control and a safe place to stay.

Not a single part of this should be revolutionary. (more…)

Parks and Recreation Recap: “Flu Season 2″/ “One in 8,000”–The Biggest Curve

I don’t know of a lot of places with just the usual four seasons. New York has a second winter, which turns out to be harsher than the first because it comes with the sunburn I got when I thought it wasn’t winter anymore. Boston sets its calendar by its sports. Growing up in Florida, we had hurricane season and caterpillar season, lovebug season and snow bird season, and that one week in December when we could almost justify wearing scarves. And in Pawnee, they’ve got flu season.


Parks and Recreation Recap: “Anniversaries”/ “The Wall”–You Like Fixing This Town

“If you believe in something, you sign your name to it.”

Remember when Leslie accidentally performed a marriage ceremony for gay penguins, and suddenly everyone had an opinion on her, and it threw her into a panic? Pawnee doesn’t like it when government officials take a stand. This town will do everything in its power to tear down anyone who makes herself visible. That’s still true, but Leslie’s not afraid anymore. She’s signed her name to this town merger, and she’s going to make it work.


Ann and Chris, I Salsa Your Faces

Last night, we said goodbye to Ann Perkins (Ann Perkins!) and Chris Traeger. Two of the most beautiful rule-breaking moths in Pawnee are off to start their new life in Michigan, and I’m still in mourning. When I first read that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe were leaving Parks and Rec midway through the season, the woman standing next to me in the elevator probably thought I was having a heart attack, because I put my hand to my heart and gasped, and I saw her take a step back. (I saw you, lady.) What is it with comedies and people LEAVING lately?