SYTYCD’s Top Auditions

Welcome back to So You Think You Can Dance! These first few weeks are always a haze of Cat Deeley love, second-hand embarrassment, and general anxiety (mostly re: Nigel’s commentary), but buried in those frantic two minute life stories are the auditions that stop everything. SYTYCD is the artsiest of the reality TV competitions, and these are the performances that set the tone. I’ve pulled together ten of my favorites as a reminder of why we sit through all of those segments about how bored the judges are (because watching people do what they love all day is hard).


DWTS Week 1 Results Recap: Yes, Ma’am

Announcer: This is Dancing With the Stars.

Tom: Yes, it is!

America, sad news. You can’t buy those bedazzled pink leopard-print suspenders. You’ll have to steal them from Apolo’s home. I don’t condone breaking and entering, but I do condone befriending Olympians and asking for presents. (more…)