Dancing With the Stars

DWTS Week 1 Results Recap: Yes, Ma’am

Announcer: This is Dancing With the Stars.

Tom: Yes, it is!

America, sad news. You can’t buy those bedazzled pink leopard-print suspenders. You’ll have to steal them from Apolo’s home. I don’t condone breaking and entering, but I do condone befriending Olympians and asking for presents. (more…)

DWTS Week 1 Performance Recap: Smell the Trophy

All-star season is here at last. Pamela’s making duck faces at the camera, Shawn is pocket sized for Derek’s convenience, and Kirstie’s bird hands are ready to fly. Let them out of the cage!

Season 15 is serious business. We’re in the playoffs now, and the judges have a surprise for everyone: HALF-POINTS! Bruno’s so excited that he makes his Dr. Evil face. Brooke is probably less thrilled; this means she has to do harder math.

Welcome back, dysfunctional dance family. Now, in the words of our Emmy-winning host, LET THE INTENSITY COMMENCE. (more…)