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The Doctor Who Episodes I’d Show You First

One of my coworkers started Doctor Who last month. I’d just left a screening of David Tennant’s Richard II (gold. nail. polish) when I saw his “Doctor Who: it’s happening” Facebook status and promptly offered the constructive comment “SHUT YOUR FACE.” Other friends chimed in with their own excitement, but when my coworker finally responded to the thread, all he said was, “Kelly, I was waiting for your comment.”

I think I’ve been found out. I want to share this show with everyone. If we spend any time together, I’ve probably got a gateway episode all picked out for you, which I will never, ever bring up in conversation, because that’s too much pressure. You can’t watch Doctor Who for anyone but yourself. But if you ever decide you want to watch it for yourself, I’ll be at your place within the hour with ice cream and a personalized guide to ruining your life the British sci-fi way.

Here’s the short version of that guide. (more…)

A Pile of Good Things: Eleven of Matt Smith’s Finest Moments as the Doctor

Merry Christmas, the BBC left pain and loss under your tree again this year. Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor took (off) his final bow(tie) last week in an emotional farewell, and he acted the heck out of it. We’ve seen Matt grow from a baby-faced 26-year-old floppy haired giraffe to an outright star, and his enthusiasm, devotion to the show, and big heart will be very much missed. Here are just a few of the times he made me love him. Thank you, Matt. You owned your stage. (more…)

Doctor Who Review: “The Day of the Doctor”–Home the Long Way ‘Round

“You told me the name you chose was a promise. What was the promise?”

Craig Ferguson said it best: intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism. The Doctor is the one who makes people better. He couldn’t even handle calling himself the Doctor and fighting a war at the same time, because war doesn’t fit who he promised to be.  (more…)