Spotlight on Bones: Stable Until You Detonate It

R.I.P. Mighty Hut.

I’m sadder about losing a fictional house than I probably should be. But remember how long it took Booth and Brennan to even get to the point where they needed a house? Remember when Booth found this place at a police auction and Brennan called it their mighty hut, because buying a criminal’s house would make them the conquering heroes, and it was symbolically and anthropologically perfect, and they kissed in Christine’s future bedroom? Booth was so excited to build a treehouse, you guys.


Mindy Watch: Hey, You Drowning?

The pilot of The Mindy Project ended with Mindy watching When Harry Met Sally while Danny stood off to the side unmoved. (“Who would actually do that? Billy, don’t run!”) Danny didn’t think Mindy should be taken in by grand romantic gestures. She should be more interested in whether a man would patrol her house naked with a baseball bat at the sound of breaking glass or get into a fist fight at a Springsteen concert. (“Ok, now you’re just talking about yourself.”) He pictured himself with her from the start, but he never pictured himself in a rom-com. That was always Mindy’s dream.


A Salute to Enlisted

I was having dinner with Sage of Head Over Feels on Wednesday when her phone buzzed with the news that Enlisted had been canceled. We had just been saying ten minutes earlier that we really believed the show could find an audience if the network would give it a chance.

Enlisted deserved better than what it got, bumped to Fridays with a constantly changing lead-in and little promotion beyond a few posters in my subway station. And it deserved to air in order. The story was told on note cards that were shuffled up before airing; the fact that I loved every episode anyway, even when I was expected to know characters before we’d been properly introduced, says the show was doing its job better than most. Enlisted wore its heart on its sleeve without getting sappy. The Hill brothers were key in that area, not only because their relationship was the show’s core, but also because they grounded each other. If any one of them risked veering too far toward sentiment or irreverence, there was always someone to pull him back. (more…)