Neil Patrick Harris

I Don’t Have to Wait For It Anymore: A Goodbye to How I Met Your Mother

A friend of mine in college once said that we make a home with the people nearest to us. That’s why we tend to become friends with people who live in our halls or take classes with us or work in our office. It’s not always a matter of being meant for each other, as specific individuals, although sometimes that can happen—it’s just that we as people are meant to connect with other people. It’s what we do.

How I Met Your Mother is like that, in show form.


How I Met Your Mother Recap: “The Pre-Nup”–Autumn of Breakups

“You know, it’s big comedy, but you also really care about these characters.”

German situational comedies and How I Met Your Mother have that in common. For a show that paints in pretty broad strokes (2,000 page pre-nup! Naked German man!), the heart of the story has always been its detail—the little traits that rip characters apart or pull them together. Thomas and Bays are so certain that this is what matters, so certain that we’re in this for the people, that they don’t lean on the element of surprise. They tell us what’s next and trust that we’ll still care enough to watch it happen. We know a breakup is coming, but it hurts anyway. (more…)