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“Have fun! Get drunk! Kiss boys!”—Gallifrey One 2015, Part 2

I’ve teamed up with Kim and Sage of Head Over Feels to bring you the full story on our trip to Los Angeles to mingle with Doctor Who‘s best and brightest. Next up, Kim takes us inside Saturday’s events.


“Stand still and welcome to Doctor Who”—Gallifrey One 2015, Part 1

In the middle of February, I left the snow behind to spend Galentine’s Day in Los Angeles with some of the finest Doctor Who fans out there, and I’ll be teaming up with Kim and Sage of Head Over Feels to bring you all of the details. First up, Sage takes us inside the start of the con.


2014: The Best of TV

Welcome to 2015! Friends is on Netflix. Broadchurch is almost back. Parks and Rec is never leaving us, ever. I’m going to finish The X-Files, cry about it, watch The Fall and Hannibal and everything Gillian Anderson has ever done, and then watch The West Wing for real this time. All of my resolutions are pop culture resolutions.

It’s been ten years since the Doctor told Rose that she was going to have a really great year, five since we saw it happen, and fifteen since Mulder and Scully’s world didn’t end, so if history repeats itself, it’s safe to say that we’re in for some feelings. I’m ready. But before we jump into the new year, let’s look back on the best of the last.


A Pile of Good Things: Eleven of Matt Smith’s Finest Moments as the Doctor

Merry Christmas, the BBC left pain and loss under your tree again this year. Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor took (off) his final bow(tie) last week in an emotional farewell, and he acted the heck out of it. We’ve seen Matt grow from a baby-faced 26-year-old floppy haired giraffe to an outright star, and his enthusiasm, devotion to the show, and big heart will be very much missed. Here are just a few of the times he made me love him. Thank you, Matt. You owned your stage. (more…)