A Look at Psych’s Top 15 Episodes

Psych signed off earlier this year with a sweet, quiet finale that was quickly buried in the collective uproar over How I Met Your Mother. I was baking sumbitch cookies for a HIMYM party when I could have been catching up on Psych’s last season, and I have to live with that, but I’d be remiss if I never said goodbye to my first TV rebound.


Romance According to Television

Personally, I’m still of the mindset that a lollipop taped to a construction paper heart should be an acceptable Valentine at any age. It’s personalized and there’s candy involved; WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US, WORLD? But for an outside-the-box wooing experience, look no further than your favorite shows. If TV is to be believed (and if it isn’t, I’ve made a hug mistake), these are the most foolproof ways to romance that special someone in your life: (more…)