Tom Haverford

Parks and Recreation Recap: “The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic”/ “Doppelgangers”—How Crazemazing Is That?

Say goodbye to Eagleton, kids. Say goodbye to Segway tours and Swarovski crystal oranges, to crepes at town hall meetings and scones in jail and retorts lovingly crafted by GB Shaw. It was only a matter of time before Eagleton’s excesses (they had Michael Bublé on retainer) pushed the town to the brink of an epic financial disaster. (more…)

Parks and Recreation Recap: “Women in Garbage”–Love in the Time of Edible Refrigerators

“We must always walk BEHIND the men…”—April

Pawnee’s local government is a Sausagefest. It’s a full-on, ‘can’t book a conference room without your daddy’ Sausagefest (which, ZOMG, makes it just like our actual government!), and every woman caught laughing is a witch has her own way of dealing. Donna works her mad sex appeal to her advantage. April messes with people. Feeny’s wife TAKES FEENY TO THE NEXT TOWN HALL MEETING PLEASE. As for Leslie, she takes up a commission for equal gender employment.  (more…)