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Pushing Daisies Summer Rewatch: What Do You Need to Be Happy?

Did you remember that Joel McHale played a polygamist dog breeder in an episode of Pushing Daisies? Because I did NOT. This is exactly why I was due for a rewatch of this magical little show. As always, check out my full recaps over at the EW Community, along with some spare thoughts below.


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Doctor Who Review: “The Long Game”–Looks Like It’s Just You and Me

“I only take the best. I’ve got Rose.”

There might be someone new on board, but this episode belongs to Rose and the Doctor from the minute they open the TARDIS door. A few weeks ago, Rose asked the Doctor to hang back so she could take the first step into history; now the two of them step out together while their guest waits inside. This is their game. Brought together by their mutual frustration with literally everyone, Rose and Nine lean on each other, hold hands, tease mercilessly, and charge into danger. The costume designers could not have picked a better week to dress Billie Piper like a late 90s pop star. Her updo sings the song of how done she is with you. Rose asks the right questions. She won’t put up with people who aren’t interested in lending a hand. And when she doesn’t do what the Doctor says, he likes it, because nobody tells Rose Tyler not to stand up against oppression.


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Pushing Daisies Summer Rewatch: Urban Honey Pioneers

Welcome back to the Pushing Daisies summer rewatch! In case you missed it, I’m recapping the show for the EW Community, and I want to watch with you. Check out my official write-ups every Friday at EW, and then check back here every few weeks for some extra thoughts on the episodes. Shall we?



A Look at Psych’s Top 15 Episodes

Psych signed off earlier this year with a sweet, quiet finale that was quickly buried in the collective uproar over How I Met Your Mother. I was baking sumbitch cookies for a HIMYM party when I could have been catching up on Psych’s last season, and I have to live with that, but I’d be remiss if I never said goodbye to my first TV rebound.


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Pushing Daisies Summer Rewatch: Better with You in It

Pushing Daisies was the first cancellation I ever really took personally. It was so WELL-WRITTEN and clever and gorgeous. The characters had storybook names. Lee Pace baked pies. Jim Dale narrated. A golden retriever kissed Kristin Chenoweth on the face. The show had such a definite aesthetic that I still recognize its guest stars when they pop up in other shows, even if I don’t know their names, because they all look like they belong in the colorful little fantasy world of Ned the Piemaker and the girl called Chuck. There was so much more they could have done.


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Mindy Watch: Hey, You Drowning?

The pilot of The Mindy Project ended with Mindy watching When Harry Met Sally while Danny stood off to the side unmoved. (“Who would actually do that? Billy, don’t run!”) Danny didn’t think Mindy should be taken in by grand romantic gestures. She should be more interested in whether a man would patrol her house naked with a baseball bat at the sound of breaking glass or get into a fist fight at a Springsteen concert. (“Ok, now you’re just talking about yourself.”) He pictured himself with her from the start, but he never pictured himself in a rom-com. That was always Mindy’s dream.


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Parks and Recreation Recap: “Moving Up”–Enjoy This View

This season of Parks and Rec opened in London, paused in Paris, and has been contemplating Chicago for a while now, but when Ben takes Leslie to look out over San Francisco, he still asks her to turn away from the postcard view of the Golden Gate Bridge and look at a name on a sign. This show will never stop being about the people who do the work. Leslie’s met Michelle Obama, and that’s something you never come back from, but she can’t commit to her new job until she sees that map of America’s national parks. Leslie isn’t in this for the flashy connections. She wants to put her name to something that lasts.