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A Bones Season Nine Wishlist

This time last week, I wasn’t ready for football. Last year’s replacement refs were a traumatizing experience, and I still have nightmares about Donald Driver’s sad sidelines face. But I woke up this weekend to the feel of almost-fall in the air, and just like that, it was time.

It’s been the same with Bones. I wasn’t thrilled by the season eight finale twist, and I was especially not thrilled by the fact that I wasn’t thrilled by it. This show has been heart-crushing before, but always in a way that makes sense for the characters, so to see something that felt so manufactured really upset me. I will defend this show to the death, you guys. I don’t want to give anyone ammunition against it, nor do I want to sound like one of those people who sit around yelling at the writers for doing their job. I want to be a TV writer. Probably best not to yell at them. (more…)