Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week

From mosquito bites to bee stings: the complete collection.

Volume 1: 1×00-1×07 (“Pilot,” “Deep Throat,” “Squeeze,” “Conduit,” “Jersey Devil,” “Shadows,” “Ghost in the Machine,” “Ice”)

x files pilot scully

Volume 2: 1×08-1×15 (“Space,” “Fallen Angel,” “Eve,” “Fire, “Beyond the Sea,” “Gender Bender,” “Lazarus,” “Young at Heart”)

mulder scully map gender bender

Volume 3: 1×16-1×23 (“E.B.E.,” “Miracle Man,” “Shapes,” “Darkness Falls,” “Tooms,” “Born Again,” “Roland,” “The Erlenmeyer Flask”)


Volume 4: 2×01-2×15 (“Little Green Men,” “The Host,” “Blood,” “Sleepless,” “Duane Barry,” “Ascension,” “3,” “One Breath,” “Firewalker,” “Red Museum,” “Excelsis Dei,” “Aubrey,” “Irresistible,” “Die Hand Die Verletzt,” “Fresh Bones”)

x files little green men here or here

Volume 5: 2×16-3×04 (“Colony,” “End Game,” “Fearful Symmetry,” “Død Kalm,” “Humbug,” “The Calusari,” “F. Emasculata,” “Soft Light,” “Our Town,” “Anasazi,” “The Blessing Way,” “Paper Clip,” “D.P.O.,” “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”)

x files mulder blessing way dream

Volume 6: 3×05-3×18 (“The List,” “2Shy,” “The Walk,” “Oubliette,” “Nisei,” “731,” “Revelations,” “War of the Coprophages,” “Syzygy,” “Grotesque,” “Piper Maru,” “Apocrypha,” “Pusher,” “Teso dos Bichos”)

x files smile scully pusher

Volume 7: 3×19-4×03 (“Hell Money,” “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’,” “Avatar,” “Quagmire,” “Wetwired,” “Talitha Cumi,” “Herrenvolk,” “Home,” “Teliko”)

x files home uber scullies

Volume 8: 4×04-4×23 (“Unruhe,” “The Field Where I Died,” “Sanguinarium,” “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man,” “Tunguska,” “Terma,” “Paper Hearts,” “El Mundo Gira,” “Leonard Betts,” “Never Again,” “Memento Mori,” “Kaddish,” “Unrequited,” “Tempus Fugit,” “Max,” “Synchrony,” “Small Potatoes,” “Zero Sum,” “Elegy,” “Demons,” “Gethsemane”)

x files mulder flowers memento mori

Volume 9: 5×01-5×09 (“Redux,” “Redux II,” “Unusual Suspects,” “Detour,” “The Post-Modern Prometheus,” “Christmas Carol,” “Emily,” “Kitsunegari,” “Schizogeny”)

x files pmp dance happy

Volume 10: 5×10-5×20 (“Chinga,” “Kill Switch,” “Bad Blood,” “Patient X,” “The Red and the Black,” “Travelers,” “Mind’s Eye,” “All Souls,” “The Pine Bluff Variant,” “Folie a Deux,” “The End”)

x files bad blood scully fixing tie

Fight the Future

x files ftf scully mulder hill

Volume 11: 6×01-6×07 (“The Beginning,” “Drive,” “Triangle,” “Dreamland,” “Dreamland II,” “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas,” “Terms of Endearment”)

xfiles ghosts christmas mulder got you something

Volume 12: 6×08-6×19 (“The Rain King,” “S.R. 819,” “Tithonus,” “Two Fathers,” “One Son,” “Agua Mala,” “Monday,” “Arcadia,” “Alphas,” “Trevor,” “Milagro,” “The Unnatural”)

xfiles unnatural mulder scully crackpot brilliant partner

Volume 13: 6×20-7×02 (“Three of a Kind,” “Field Trip,” “Biogenesis,” “The Sixth Extinction,” “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati”)

xfiles sixth extinction constant touchstone mulder lips

Volume 14: 7×03-7×07 (“Hungry,” “Millennium,” “Rush,” “The Goldberg Variation,” “Orison”)


Volume 15: 7×08-7×12 (“The Amazing Maleeni,” “Signs and Wonders,” “Sein und Zeit,” “Closure,” “X-Cops”)

xfiles sein und zeit scully mulder door

Volume 16: 7×13-7×19 (“First Person Shooter,” “Theef,” “En Ami,” “Chimera,” “all things,” “Brand X,” “Hollywood AD”)

xfiles hollywood ad scully mulder bath

Volume 17: 7×20-8×02 (“Fight Club,” “Je Souhaite,” “Requiem,” “Within,” “Without”)

xfiles requiem mulder bed scully

Volume 18: 8×03-8×11 (“Patience,” “Roadrunners,” “Invocation,” “Redrum,” “Via Negativa,” “Surekill,” “Salvage,” “Badlaa,” “The Gift”)

xfiles roadrunners scully spine him

Volume 19: 8×12-8×16 (“Medusa,” “Per Manum,” “This Is Not Happening,” “Deadalive,” “Three Words”)

The forehead kiss is how they promise to fight for each other. The forehead lean is how they promise to be with each other.

Volume 20: 8×17-8×21 (“Empedocles,” “Vienen,” “Alone,” “Essence,” “Existence”)


Volume 21: 9×01-9×07 (“Nothing Important Happened Today,” “Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 2,” “Daemonicus,” “4-D,” “Lord of the Flies,” “Trust No 1,” “John Doe”)

xfiles trust no 1 scully one lonely night

Volume 22: 9×08-9×13 (“Hellbound,” “Provenance,” “Providence,” “Audrey Pauley,” “Underneath,” “Improbable”)


Volume 23: 9×14-9×18 (“Scary Monsters,” “Jump the Shark,” “William,” “Release,” “Sunshine Days”)

xfiles william scully monica arms

“The Truth”

xfiles truth scully mulder bed leg

I Want to Believe

xfiles iwtb scratchy beard

“My Struggle”

xfiles my struggle mulder scully shoulders porch

“Founder’s Mutation”

xfiles founders scully mulder shoulder

“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

“Home Again”


“My Struggle II”



  1. Absolutely love this blog and your dedication to one of the greatest not-actually-seen-on-TV love affairs and friendships. With the new 6 episode season coming, I would love to see your review of “I Want To Believe”. Finish it off! Kudos and thanks for all the work that you’ve already done!

  2. You are amazing. If I didn’t know any better, I am writing this blog. It could be an x-file. You are reading every single one of my thoughts 🙂 Just kidding. You are the best! Double heart love for everytime you mention how HOT Mulder is.

  3. I echo everything Koko says Kelly, your blog has me literally laughing out loud and squealing (yes, girly squeal!) over everything comment you make!

    Oh, and Mulder (puppy!) being HOT deserves a mention pretty much all day, every day in my book 🙂

  4. ahhh this is my new favorite internet thing. mulder as puppy and doggett as baby goat is perfection. love love love

  5. I know I’m late to the party (always), but I just found this blog a month ago and I am in blog heaven. I just rewatched all 9 seasons. (summer off) and I am broken. First, I have to say how well The X-files holds up 20 years later. Why? It’s about two things: the writing (I’m looking at you, Vince Gilligan) and the choices GA and DD make as actors who know their characters so well. Time and age has treated this series well and it will always be the number one series for me in my lifetime. In fact, it has ruined me for anything else on TV today. I can’t find anything that comes even close (I am taking suggestions).

    The best part of the re-watch was reading your blog with it. I always felt like I had a friend when I was watching. You didn’t watch in the late 90s, but there was so much contention and nit-picking among Xphiles. It was hard to enjoy a show because of all the critique and kinda of hate. Don’t get me wrong, fans like me were passionate, but you got sucked into the negativity of it all. And don’t get me started on CC hate that went on. Now, I look at CC as brilliant for not falling victim to the pressure of making these two into a one-note cliche. He just let them breathe and be and what we see on screen is the best example of how to do a love story without cliches attached.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the positive attitude this blog has and its constant need to find some humor, heart and passion in The Xfiles. You do it better than anyone I have read (and I read a lot)! Carry on, Sailor! And we will meet again Jan 24th.

  6. God, what I would’ve done to have this site when I was shipping in the ’90s. Instead I was forced to wear out countless VHS tapes to watch all of these scenes over (and over) again. Thank you!

  7. I am Mulder and Scully’s age and loved the show back in the day. Back then I didn’t have enough TV experience to fully appreciate how special it really is. I knew it was ground-breaking but for all I knew there would be lots of smartly-written, well-acted, beautifully-produced shows with amazing chemistry and UST between two gorgeous, brainy and interesting leads in the years ahead.

    Now I know better and, well, like others have said – it’s ruined me. While I love me some True Detective (Season 1, obviously), Mad Men, Fargo, etc, it is The X Files that is my happy place.

    Time and high def have been very kind to this show. Duchovny’s acting especially – sooo subtle that it was easy to mistake it as wooden on my 13 inch television screen. It really shines now and damn if he shouldn’t have gotten an Emmy to go with GA’s for Memento Mori – for that scene in the radiology reading room alone.

    I have gotten a ridiculous amount of pleasure out of reading your posts along with my re-watch. Very funny and insightful. Can’t wait to squee with all the good folks here come January 24!

  8. I’m about David Duchovny’s age and started watching from the Pilot on when I decidedto change careers and started law school. The show interested me because of the government conspiracy mythology and I tolerated the “monster of the week” episodes. After about the 4th seson it was hit and miss for me because of work requirements (and no DVR then) and totally missed season 9. But with the Revival and all 9 seasons available on Amazon Prime for fee, my wife and I started watching from Season 1. Now 20 years later, what interests me more than the plot of each episode is the development of the relationship between Mulder and Scully, the complex nature of interaction that I couldn’t appreciate then as I do now. What’s made it better is going through your recaps of these episodes because you see so much more than I do, even now, and it’s helped me watch with a closer eye. Can’t wait until the Revival and I hope you’ll do recaps for these 6 episodes and, hopefully, the subsequent seasons of 10 or 13..

    1. Oh thank you!! Wow. I will definitely keep this series going for the new episodes! And I agree: Mulder and Scully’s relationship is the reason to watch. The plot might fail us, but they never do.

  9. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your commentary on the episodes. You’ve made my binge-watching experience better. Looking forward to your perspective on the revival episodes!

  10. I think your description of Mulder as possessing “boundless humanity” captures utterly what I love about him. How would you capture Scully?

    1. My favorite description of Scully might be what Mulder says in his hearing: “integrity as an investigator, a scientist, and as a human being.” I don’t think I could do any better than that!

  11. Hi, just came across this blog and I have to say I’m so excited to read what you have here and get your opinions. The show was so far ahead of it’s time, and dealt with so many interesting storylines & plotlines over the years. To me, the Mulder & Scully romance grew slowly over the course of the series, but was always seemed, even from the first episode, undeniable. If only real life worked that way LOL…I’ll definitely read thru all the different volumes that you have written…thank you for this wonderful website!

  12. I can only imagine how much pressure you’re feeling, commenting on these new (FANTASTIC) episodes. Just do what you do – it will be great! But HURRY. I’m so excited to read your take!

  13. For any other Canadian member of this blog…just found out that the Space channel is re-broadcasting the new season 10 episodes from Monday on Friday nights at 9pm…almost like way back in the day when the show started Friday 9pm time slot…so cool ! Enjoy

  14. OK THIS IS MAKING ME GIGGLE IN SHEER DELIGHT. Sorry, about the all caps, I just had to convey my emphasis, and also relief that I am not alone in my insanity. The X-Files, which I have loved since I saw it premiere when I was all of 21, is as close as I am ever going to get to a crack high. And I just can’t get enough of watching Mulder and Scully and their journey together. Thanks for feeding my addiction so completely and in such glorious and agonizing detail!

  15. Hey 😉 I just want to thank you for this amazing blog 😀 I am a newcomer to the show (I was 4 or 5 when X files originally started and I remember storming out of the room hearing theme music – it was so scary for me at the time!). Few weeks ago totally ramdomly I started watching and this easily may be the best desicion of my life 😉 I love the show, love Moulder&Scully and I absolutely Love your blog. Your insights and comment are brilliant! I laughed so many times. Thanks for doing this, cannot wait for the post about season 10! PS English is not my first language, I hope I made my self clear 😉

    1. Your English is great! And thank you so much–I’m glad you enjoyed the posts! I was 4 when The X-Files started and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle it at the time, either. But I’m so happy that we both found the show eventually! It’s the best.

    1. I could waste away doing nothing but watching videos like these on endless loop. I’d probably die from emotional overload before starving. I’ve waxed lyrical in the comment section of Facebook and the New York Times, with long poetic essays on the true meaning of the show. I’m an overeducated middle-aged woman (just a bit younger than GA) with a family and a pretty high-end career. And yet this is all I’ve been able to think about for the last two months. It’s irrational and perfect, and lord have mercy they had better not leave us now.

      1. I’m 52 and also a well-rounded educated successful fulfilled person yet this show reduces me to a gibbering fangirl. I’m so happy to to connect with others like the good people on this site because my friends think I’m out of my mind.

  16. Yea new Phile friends! Between this and The X-Files Files I am assuaging withdrawal after the new 6 episodes. Found the online fanfic archives – some of which are updates of the archives I remember from Back In The Day (TM) – but the number of stories is even more overwhelming now than it was before! So, does anyone have some good XF fanfic recs? By which I mean, Mulder/Scully centric stories that you feel do a good job of capturing all the beauty and subtlety of their relationship (at all stages) that DD and GA brought to us through their chemical magic? Any recs would be much appreciated! 🙂

  17. I”m only 12 years old and i’m addicted to the X files. Mulder is my life. HE is the only reason I watch the show. When he left in the 8th season, I was crushed. John Dogget wasn’t half as good as Mulder;) I know i’m talking a lot, but I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this.

  18. Hi, Kelly!

    I stumbled on your blog the other day while doing my daily Google search for any new X-Files stories (esp any official news of Season 11), and just finished binge-reading it.

    I love, love, love it! It’s been fun reading along as you experience the show for the first time. Such insightful and funny comments! And now you’ve gotten to experience it live, commercials included 😳 Can’t wait to read the rest of your thoughts about Season 10!

    As I recently confessed to two Nathan Fillion-obsessed friends, I have never had such a deep and abiding love for a show as I’ve had for the X-Files. Nothing has come this close. Not Northern Exposure, not Bones, not even Twin Peaks. Sure, that love almost reached the breaking point during the Mulder, Come Back! Season 9 and the mostly awful I Want to Believe (Don’t we all Chris Carter, don’t we all?), but it was still there, waiting for the right moment to woo me back, with fabric, dark chocolate and the promise of good things to come. And whoosh! I was gone again. Even the M&S action figures noticed 😄

    So I binge-watched the series again, good and bad. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. And I must say, the red speedo in HD on a large screen is a thing of wonder.

    Separated from all that “nobody can replace Mulder!” angst of 2001-2002, I discovered that I really liked Doggett and Reyes — and I take back everything I said about them in back in the day. I found and reread Autumn Tysko’s recaps online. Same with Jessica’s hilariously snarky TV Without Pity recaps. And all of AV Club’s (lots of good commentary and info there). Yes, I have it bad.

    And I was pleased, for the most part. Plenty of laughs, plenty of tears, plenty of winks to fans, plenty of OMGs, good and bad. And that ending! OMFG, that ending! Damn you, Chris Carter, damn you! Kelly, welcome to the cliffhanger pain that comes with being a Phile. There should be a badge for it. Or a drink.

    Whew! Just had to get all that off my chest. I’m not ready to put my XF obsession back on the shelf till Season 11 comes along, and I’m glad I’ve found like-minded people here. Especially fellow shippers!

    And yes, I’m going to try to convert the two Firefly- and Castle-obsessed friends. After all, he’s a Phile too 😉

    1. Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed! I agree–nothing has captured me like this show. I’m actually going to a friend’s place this afternoon to get her and another friend into XF, so hopefully we’ll both have luck converting everyone!

      1. Just don’t let The Host be the gateway 😀 Years ago, I was trying to convert my mom, and unfortunately, Flukie was the FX rerun that night. She was scarred for life. Same with another friend. Tho she loved the reboot, so my work is already half done.

        Good luck!

  19. Rewatching the whole series for the 4th or 5th time and still I am somehow dreading/putting off watching Je Southaite – which I love – because next is Requiem (which is beautiful and agonizing in equal measure). How silly is it to do that when (a) I know what happens; (b) I’m actually looking forward to watching the DD eps of series 8 because I haven’t paid them enough attention in the past (only watched those seasons 2-3 times) and so it might almost be like learning something new to enjoy (the M/S parts anyway); and (c) I can bloody well watch all of them all over again from the beginning any time I want and find new details to love because the X-Files is a gift that keeps on giving? And yet, and yet, and yet…

    1. And yet, indeed, Reba. They’re so happy in Je Souhaite. So in love and so happy. Damn those aliens! Heartbreak awaits in Season 8, but joy too. Plenty of rewind moments. And some gorgeous music too. I love, love, love when Mulder puts his hand on Scully’s belly to connect with their child. Such happiness. And arguing about the spaceship in Alone. Funny and cute. I’m at the next and yet point again … Essence and Existence. Sigh. I wish their story had ended there … On the original run, that is.

      It’s like good chocolate or a fine wine …. You just can’t stop.

      1. I finally worked up the wherewithal to start on Season 8 and I’d forgotten how good Robert Patrick is, and how well they wrote the Scully/Skinner/Doggett interactions. But all the same, the X-Files is just NOT RIGHT without Mulder *and* Scully, and that’s the bottom line. Also, what I hadn’t forgotten, and remembered accurately, is *how sad* Scully is and thus *how sad* the whole series is when Mulder is MIA. It’s so heartbreaking it’s *still* difficult to watch.

      2. It’s so hard to get through! But I think season 8 is mostly painful in a good way; it feels right. And Doggett is right precisely because he’s so different. I love that baby goat.

  20. Can you just not bring yourself to review the rest? Did it make you just too sad to be able to do it? If so, I’d understand. Despite the obvious highlights (the Darin Morgan episode), overall it wasn’t what I’d hoped and the last episode was so horrible not even a binge of the first 9 seasons could cleanse the bitter taste from my mouth. I wish it had never happened.

  21. Silly me. I just noticed you´ve already started 🙂 How awesome. What did you thought about season 11. I freaking loved it! (minus all Chris Carter episodes). So much better than season 10.

  22. Thank you for this blog. I absolutely love your commentary and pics/gifs you include with each episode! I have started a rewatch just over the last month or so, and after one or two eps I just dove right back into my obsession from back in the day. Mulder and Scully are <3!

    I truly love seeing the series from your fresh eyes, while I enjoy the journey from a perspective of knowing where everything is leading.

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